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How to get Alan Rickman to kiss you (in 5 steps or less!)

Pulling these sweet moves on the man will get you closer to your ultimate goal, because he won’t be able to resist you! Try any or all of the following to get exactly what you want.

1. Tell him a joke to make him laugh really hard. Guys love a girl with a sense of humor.

2. Challenge him to a tickle fight, and let him win. But make it a very close match.

3. Tell him you’re scared (bad dream, spider, whatever) and ask him for a hug. This will bring out his protective nature and he will want to make you feel safe.

4. Unexpectedly do a funny dance in front of him. Ignore the surprised look on his face and just do your thing.

*Bonus points if he joins in!*

5. If the above do not lead to your ultimate goal, it’s time to bring out your inner female prowess. Push him down on the bed and tell him exactly what you want. Use physical force if necessary (this IS what you want!). In other words, GET IT!

If you did everything mentioned above correctly, AND you’ve fed him chocolate, today may be your lucky day and you’ll end up like this! Enjoy!